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The Gift of God’s Presence | Acts 1

Friends, There is nothing better than a loved one’s presence. A card sent in the mail is nice, but it doesn’t compare. A bouquet of flowers delivered on a special occasion is heart-warming, but it can’t compete. A live-chat over … Continue reading

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John 20:19-23 | Power to Participate

At the beginning of the service, I mentioned that someone special was having a birthday this fall. And not just any birthday, but a significant birthday. Someone special is turning 65 this October. Can anyone guess who that someone special … Continue reading

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Wall’s Come Down | Acts 10-11

Dear Friends of Jesus Christ, Humans love to build walls. Our houses are filled with them. Our backyards are divided by them. There are walls around us right now. Walls are barriers that help us organize life, and create spaces … Continue reading

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Saul’s Conversion | Acts 9:1-22

Friends, I love this story!  On the one hand, it’s just an important piece of Church History.  On the other hand, it’s a powerful reminder of God’s ability to change people, to change us. As far as the church history … Continue reading

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Roadside Assistance | Acts 8:26-40

Dear Friends of Jesus Christ, The band, U2, has had a stunning career. They’ve been together for over 30 years. People really connect with their music. There are a few reasons for this, I think. Bono’s voice is unique and … Continue reading

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Love So Amazing | Acts 8:4-25

There is an old hymn that I love.  You probably know it well yourself, we sing versions of it here at church sometimes.  Let me read the words of it aloud to you. When I survey the wondrous cross on … Continue reading

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Word and Service | Acts 6:1-7

Dear Church of Jesus Christ, When I was in university, I was trained in the field of Social Work.  In one of my upper-level courses on policy and program analysis, the other students in my class and I had heated … Continue reading

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