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The Holy Spirit Builds the Church | Ephesians 2:11-22

A man sits in his house and watches TV preachers. Not the crazy ones, but a good one. Charles Price, let’s say. This man never seeks out a real church community. He never gets baptized; never partakes of the Lord’s … Continue reading

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Sanctification | Galatians

This will be a relatively straightforward sermon this morning.  Three points.    Point number 1:  Sin does not belong in the life of a Christian. On Thursday, while I was here at the office, I wanted to spend a few … Continue reading

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John 3:1-8 | New Life

Last week, Pastor Brittney launched us into a new Series on the Holy Spirit. We learned then, that the Spirit is a member of the Triune God; the gift of God’s presence to the Church. Anyone can listen to that … Continue reading

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The Gift of God’s Presence | Acts 1

Friends, There is nothing better than a loved one’s presence. A card sent in the mail is nice, but it doesn’t compare. A bouquet of flowers delivered on a special occasion is heart-warming, but it can’t compete. A live-chat over … Continue reading

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